Wheelwright Court
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Mr & Mrs Brian Tufton

"At Wheelwright Court, we believe that Willis Homes, being local to the area, have successfully combined the best qualities of traditional construction with the integration of modern interior design and innovation".

Chris and Lynn Plush

"We didn't want a new house particularly. When we saw Wheelwright Court and the way that the houses were being built, we felt it could offer best of both worlds. New houses designed to fit in with an historic Oxfordshire village but with a traditional feel. Dealing with people who were local tradesmen, familiar with the village and the area meant that the development was sympathetic to the village as a whole - it doesn't stand out. The builders and craftsmen were approachable, cared about their work and were considerate to the customer letting us alter some of the features to our needs where possible. When items needed to be altered by the builders, we were asked beforehand.

We have ended up with a traditional house that is high quality, built with traditional and natural materials and with great attention given to detail. there have been very few problems encountered and those we have found have been minor. Responsibility was always accepted and all were fixed very quickly and personally. Overall, from watching our house being built through to having lived here for a year now, it has been and continues to be an enjoyable experience - not something that could be said for most house moves!"

Mr Pip Harries

"We're over the moon...the quality of finish is outstanding. The quality of workmanship is excellent and is totally in character with the surroundings"


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