Buying a new house is probably the largest personal investment anyone will make in their lifetime. It is an investment for the future and at Willis Homes we believe in building for the future.

Quality of construction is paramount and building a house to the highest standard takes time. We always ensure our craftsmen have the time to do a good job.

Constructing houses with optimum living space is critical and we would rather build a house with three good size bedrooms, than ‘cram’ four bedrooms into the same space.

Willis Homes has been built on many years’ experience and has gained a reputation for quality development. We are a business owned by local people, with building work carried out by our family business, which has been trading for over 30 years. Both the building company and Willis Homes are NHBC registered and all properties built by us will come with a full 10 year NHBC guarantee.

Most of our developments are in the Cotswolds and West Oxfordshire and are designed to blend in with the area, giving special consideration of the environment.

We know that the future success of our business can only continue if our customers are satisfied, so we are building for two futures – ours and our customers.

This website is constantly updated with the latest news of our developments. Please visit us regularly.
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